Monday, October 7, 2019

Clinical Forensic Medicine: A Physician's Guide (2nd Edition)

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The field of clinical forensic medicine has continued to flourish and progress, so it is now timely to publish Clinical Forensic Medicine: A Physician's Guide, Second Edition, in which chapters on the medical aspects of restraint and infectious diseases have been added.

Foreword by Sir John Stevens
Preface to Second Edition
Preface to First Edition
Value-Added eBook/PDA
CHAPTER 1: The History and Development of Clinical Forensic Medicine Worldwide
CHAPTER 2: Fundamental Principles
CHAPTER 3: Sexual Assault Examination
CHAPTER 4: Injury Assessment, Documentation, and Interpretation
CHAPTER 5: Nonaccidental Injury in Children
CHAPTER 6: Crowd-Control Agents
CHAPTER 7: Medical Issues Relevant to Restraint
CHAPTER 8: Care of Detainees
CHAPTER 9: Infectious Diseases: The Role of the Forensic Physician
CHAPTER 10: Substance Misuse
CHAPTER 11: Deaths in Custody
CHAPTER 12: Traffic Medicine

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"Margaret M. Stark"

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