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The History of Mathematics: A Brief Course (2nd Edition)

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This second edition of The History of Mathematics: A Brief Course must begin with a few words of explanation to all users of the first edition. The present volume constitutes such an extensive rewriting of the original that it amounts to a considerable stretch in the meaning of the phrase second edition. Although parts of the first edition have been retained, I have completely changed the order of presentation of the material. A comparison of the two tables of contents will reveal the difference at a glance: In the first edition each chapter was devoted to a single culture or period within a single culture and subdivided by mathematical topics. In this second edition, after a general survey of mathematics and mathematical practice in Part 1, the primary division is by subject matter: numbers, geometry, algebra, analysis, mathematical inference.

Part 1. The World of Mathematics and the Mathematics of the World
Chapter 1. The Origin and Prehistory of Mathematics
Chapter 2. Mathematical Cultures I
Chapter 3. Mathematical Cultures II
Chapter 4. Women Mathematicians
Part 2. Numbers
Chapter 5. Counting
Chapter 6. Calculation
Chapter 7. Ancient Number Theory
Chapter 8. Numbers and Number Theory in Modern Mathematics
Part 3. Color Plates
Part 4. Space
Chapter 9. Measurement
Chapter 10. Euclidean Geometry
Chapter 11. Post-Euclidean Geometry
Chapter 12. Modern Geometries
Part 5. Algebra
Chapter 13. Problems Leading to Algebra
Chapter 14. Equations and Algorithms
Chapter 15. Modern Algebra
Part 6. Analysis
Chapter 16. The Calculus
Chapter 17. Real and Complex Analysis
Part 7. Mathematical Inferences
Chapter 18. Probability and Statistics
Chapter 19. Logic and Set Theory
Subject Index
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"Roger Cooke"
University of Vermont

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