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Presentation on DC Electrical Circuit Analysis - PDF

What is DC Circuit ?

  • A DC circuit is an electrical circuit that only consists of Constant voltage and/or current sources,
  • Resistive loads (resistors).
  • This circuit is independent from time. If a circuit doesn’t need any past value of its voltage and current, we can assume that circuit is a DC circuit.
  • It doesn’t need its past value hence it doesn’t use any complex calculation consisting of time-varying, transient period, or something like that.
  • We only need to analyze its steady-state calculation, of course with a DC solution.
  • Keep in mind that not every electrical circuit can be solved with a DC solution. Get ready to use another solution if the circuit has inductive (inductor) and capacitive (capacitor) loads.
  • Furthermore, it is safe to refer to a circuit as a DC circuit if it is energized by DC sources (battery or DC power supply).

Application of DC Circuit
  • DC is commonly found in extra low and low voltage applications, especially for batteries and solar cells. Most of our electronic devices also require DC voltage and DC power supply.
  • Keep in mind that when we are using DC electrical devices, we need to pay attention to the polarity or else you will break it. Even if your devices have a diode bridge element, it is still a wise thing to connect the proper polarity.
  • There are also many uses of a DC voltage in the automotive sector.
  • Take example of the developing electric vehicles, they are using batteries meaning a DC voltage. Diesel engines in heavy vehicles, trucks, farm equipment, etc also use DC voltage systems.
  • DC power supplies are also found in telecommunication technology.
  • This power supply will maintain the connection lines for subscribers if there is an interruption during operating. DC-DC converter is also popular as a power source for communication devices.
  • For efficiency, high voltage power transmission uses DC electricity. This is because in long distance transmission, the losses by High Voltage DC Voltage (HVDC) are lower and cheaper.

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