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Learn English Through Telugu - HTCS-July 2010

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This book is a compilation of numerous lessons taught in the special English class of Sri Venkateswara Temple at Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA for our temple Priests, conducted several years ago. The teachers included Ms. Ananth Gundapuneedi, Dr. Krishna Vanguri and Dr. A. R. Srinivasan. This project turned out to be a tremendous success and since then, our priests are able
to handle spoken English.
Hand-written notes were distributed to the priests in every class. We used these notes and tried our best to come up with special books to learn English through Gujarati (with the help of Mrs. Rekha Bhatt), Hindi (with the help of Mrs. Parvati Rajagopal and Dr. Ramendra Pandey), Kannada (with the help of Mr. Seshadri), Malayalam (with the help of Mr. Bala Andrapalliyal), Tamil (with the help of Dr. A. R. Srinivasan), and Telugu (with the help of Mr. Ramakrishna Dasika). Currently, Mr. Ramakrishna Dasika, Mr. Bala Andrapalliyal, and Dr. A. R. Srinivasan, are involved in computerizing these books (Tamil and Telugu). Very soon, more volunteers will join to prepare these books for other languages.
These books are designed to present the material in English, followed by a transliteration scheme and the meaning (written in the language of choice). These Books will become wonderful learning tools for our new priests in particular and our community in general. 

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Lord Sri Venkateswara
New Jersey

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