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The book begins by looking at the details of the C# language that you will use in everyday programming. We then look at the most common parts of the .NET Framework class library that you will also use very regularly. Next, we move into some more specialized areas of the framework. Finally, we look at some of the application frameworks for building Windows and web applications in .NET. 

1. Introducing C# 
2. Basic Programming Techniques 
3. Abstracting Ideas with Classes and Structs 
4. Extensibility and Polymorphism 
5. Composability and Extensibility with Delegates 
6. Dealing with Errors 
7. Arrays and Lists 
8. LINQ 
9. Collection Classes
10. Strings  
11. Files and Streams 
12. XML 
13. Networking 
14. Databases 
15. Assemblies 
16. Threads and Asynchronous Code 
17. Attributes and Reflection 
18. Dynamic 
19. Interop with COM and Win32 
20. WPF and Silverlight 
21. Programming ASP.NET Applications 
22. Windows Forms 

Author Details
 "LanGriffith" is a WPF course author and instructor with Pluralsight, a Microsoft .NET training provider. He also works as an independent consultant and is coauthor of Windows forms in a Nutsbell, Mastering Visual studio .NET, and Programming WPF (all O'Reilly).

"Matthew Adams" is the  Director Of Development at Digital Healthcare ltd., and the author of many articles and paper on the significance of .NET in the computer industry.

"Jess Liberty" is a senior program manager for Microsoft Silverlight. He is well known in the industry as  a leading expert  and for his bestselling books, including programming .NET 3.5, programming C# 3.0, and Learning ASP.NET with AJAX(all O'Reilly).

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