Tuesday, December 25, 2018

HVAC 101: What is HVACR?

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Mechanical service contractors of America's HVAC 101 curriculum gives non-trade personnel a better understanding of HVACR terms, basic systems and the visual tools they need in successful day-to-day interactions with customers and coworkers.
Each webinar-and-workbook module includes the most fundamental industry concepts, presented in a thorough real-world way that will help your workforce to better understand out business.
Learning Objectives:-
1. Explain the acronym HVACR.
2. Identify the five goals every VAC system tries to accomplish.
3. Describe the types of buildings and facilities where technicians work.
4. List the three primary methods of heating a room or facility.
5. Explain the difference between natural ventilation and forced ventilation
6. Determine the four functions of an air conditioning system.
7. Explain the the goal of refrigeration system
8. Explain the type and amount of training required for a journeyman.

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