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THEORY OF MACHINES, (2nd Edition) By "B.B. Low"

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This book deals with the subject of Theory of Machines to a bout the standard required in most Universities and in the leading Engineering Institutions. It Consists of the Greater part of an earlier work, Engineering Mechanics, First published in 1942, together with eight additional Chapters.

The Author has included several matters which are not in the usual text-books, as for example the analytical treatment of brakes, and in particular the theory given for brakes with external-contracting pivoted shoes which has not previously appeared in print. Consequently it is hoped that the book may be of use engineers and designers, as well as to students.

1. Velocity-Acceleration-Vectors.
2. Velocity Diagrams - Instantaneous
3. Analysis of Velocity and Acceleration
4. Acceleration Diagrams.
5. Force, Torque, Work, and Energy
6. Dimensions-Dynamical Similarity
7. Simple Harmonic Motion
8. Analysis of Cams.
9. Motion of Rigid Bodies In Two Dimensions.
10. Friction.
11. Turning Moments and Flywheels
12. Belt and Rope Drives
13. Toothed Gearing
14. Gear Trains
15. Brakes and Dynamometers
16. Governors
17. Balancing
18. Vibrations 1
19. Vibrations 2
20. Vibrations 3

Author Details
"Bevis Brunel Low"
M.A.(Cantab.), M.I.Mech.E.
Sometime Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering 
Military college of Science 

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