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This handy book presents more than 2000 needed formulas for civil engineers to help them in the design office, in the field, and on a variety of construction jobs, anywhere in the world. These formulas are also useful to design drafters, structural engineers, bridge engineers, foundation builders, field engineers, professional-engineer license examination candidates, concrete specialists, timber-structure builders, and students in a variety of civil engineering pursuits.

The book presents formulas needed in 12 different specialized branches of civil engineering—beams and girders, columns, piles and piling, concrete structures, timber engineering, surveying, soils and earthwork, building structures, bridges, suspension cables, highways and roads, and hydraulics and open-channel flow. Key formulas are presented for each of these topics. Each formula is explained
so the engineer, drafter, or designer knows how, where, and when to use the formula in professional work. Formula units are given in both the United States Customary System (USCS) and System International (SI). Hence, the text is usable throughout the world. To assist the civil engineer using this material in worldwide engineering practice, a comprehensive tabulation of conversion factors is presented in Chapter 1.

How to Use This Book
Chapter 1. Conversion Factors for Civil Engineering Practice
Chapter 2. Beam Formulas
Chapter 3. Column Formulas
Chapter 4. Piles and Piling Formulas
Chapter 5. Concrete Formulas
Chapter 7. Surveying Formulas
Chapter 8. Soil and Earthwork Formulas
Chapter 9. Building and Structures Formulas
Chapter 10. Bridge and Suspension-Cable Formulas
Chapter 11. Highway and Road Formulas
Chapter 12. Hydraulics and Waterworks Formulas

Author Details
"Tyler G. Hicks, P.E." 
International Engineering Associates
Member: American Society of Mechanical Engineers
United States Naval Institute

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