Friday, January 4, 2019

CNC Tool Holders Gauging Products

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As everyone knows, money is made at the “cutting edge”. The productivity of this cutting edge influences the total costs of cutting processes, while its share of total manufacturing costs amounts to only 4–6%. Most production and cutting experts will agree with these statements.

What is required to fully profit from the performance of the cutting edge and increase tool life? This catalog will support you in selecting the optimal clamping tools for your “cutting edges”.

Our long experience as a traditional family-run company helps us to develop products you can rely on . BIlz has compiled a comprehensive product range in this catalog. Many improvements have been included.

“Always better” is not just a slogan for us. It is a promise, our commitment to quality. We and our products keep our promises. In addition to this product range we can offer you various custom-designed solutions.

1. CNC Holders
2. Hi-Power Milling Chucks (HPMC)
3. NC Drill Chucks
4. Hydraulic Chucks
5. Hardware
6. Accessories Diebold Tool Clamping Units
7. Diebold Gauging
8. Royal Tool Presetter
9. Technical Information

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