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HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) is a major subdiscipline of mechanical engineering. The goal of HVAC design is to balance indoor environmental comfort with other factors such as installation cost, ease of maintenance, and energy efficiency. The discipline of HVAC includes a large number of specialized terms and acronyms, many of which are summarized in this glossary.

* Air Changes per Hour
* Air Conditioner
* Air Handler
* British Thermal Unit (BTU)
* Chiller
* Coil
* Condenser
* Constant Air Volume
* Controller
* Damper
* Deep Lake Water Cooling
* Delta (Δ) T
* Duct
* Evaporator
* Fan Coil Unit
* Flow
* Fresh Air Intake
* Furnace
* Grille
* Heat Gain / Load / Loss
* Intermediate Fluid
* Louver
* Makeup Air Unit
* Minimum Outside Air
* Outside Air Damper
* Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner
* Packaged Unit
* Plenum Space
* Psychometric
* Rooftop Unit (RTU)
* Smoke Damper
* System
* Terminal Unit
* Thermal Zone
* Underfloor Air Distribution
* Variable Air Volume

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