Saturday, January 5, 2019

Troubleshooting Chart for Air Conditioners With Possible Remedy

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Types of complaints covered:-
1. Electric motor will not start
2. Unit cycles on and off
3. Coil frosts
4. Unit runs but will not cool
5. No air blows from supply grille
6. Discharge pressure too high
7. Discharge pressure too low
8. Suction pressure too high
9. Suction pressure too low
10. Compressor runs continuously; good refrigeration effect
11. Compressor runs continuously; unit is too cold
12. Compressor runs continuously; little refrigeration effect
13. Compressor runs continuously; no refrigeration
14. Compressor short cycles, poor refrigeration effect
15. Compressor short cycles, no refrigeration
16. Compressor runs too frequently
17. Compressor does not run
18. Compressor will not run (Assume that the thermostatic switch and relay, and the electric wiring and current supply are in good condition and operating normally)
19. Compressor is unusually hot
20. No refrigeration after starting up after a long shutdown or on delivery
21. Compressor is noisy
22. After each defrosting there is a long on cycle before refrigeration is again normal

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