Basic Thermodynamics (Hand Written Notebook)

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Content Covered:-
* Thermodynamics
* Properties
* Macloseopie & Moctoscopie Approach
* Thermodynamic Equilibrium
* Types of Thermometer
* Visualization or Realization of process
* Just law of Thermodynamics
* Unsteady State
* For an Ideal gas
* Second Low of Thermodynamics
* Equivalence of Kelvin planck and clausius statement
* Carnot Principles
* Third Law of thermodynamics
* Entropy Analysis for the closed System
* Entropy Analysis for the Finite body
* Reversible work in a steady how system
* Open system work in different situations
* Gouy Stodola theorem
* Subcooled Region
* Properties of pure Substance
* Thermodynamic Relation
* Maxwell Relation
* Mixture of ideal gases % Real Gases
* Causes of Irreversibility

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