Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Art of Gear Fabrication

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Provides beginners with sufficient information to independently process six typical gears step by step. Presents model numbers, capacity and addresses of gear machinery manufacturers and suppliers at the end of each process description. Offers gear designers practical and useful hints on reducing fabricating costs. Contains useful tables from commercial catalogs, including cross-references of different U.S. standards and American stainless steel materials with equivalent German, British, French and Italian materials. Discusses heat treatment in an easy-to-understand manner.

Chapter 1: Types of Gears and Processing of Gears
Chapter 2: Gear Nomenclature
Chapter 3: Methods for Cutting Gear Teeth
Chapter 4: Gear Materials and Their Heat Treatment
Chapter 5: Processing of Gear Parts
Chapter 6: Checking of Gear Size
Chapter 7: AGMA Quality Numbers
Chapter 8: Producibility
Chapter 9: Finishes on Gears
Chapter 10: Useful Tables
Chapter 11: List of Useful Books

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Prem H. Daryani

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