Monday, April 29, 2019

Designing Digital Games (Free PDF)

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Can I tell you a secret? You know what is more valuable than money? Time! I am being completely honest. You can spend your time all kinds of ways, and once you “spend” it, just like when you spend ten dollars, you never get it back. Guess what? That goes for me, too. If I am going to spend several months writing about Scratch, then I want to make sure I am producing a book that is genuinely going to help you learn some REALLY cool stuff!

Now let me make a deal with you; if you are willing to invest your time by reading even one project in this book, I will do my very best to get you making an addictive video game ASAP. You will hardly even need to read. Seriously, you can follow along as little or as much as you want and still end up with a KILLER project!

Introduction: ALL ABout scratch
About This Book
Icons Used in This Book
Access Scratch on Your Computer
Project 1: Design a Classic Videogame
Project 2: Super Snake
Project 3: A-Maze-ing Game
Project 4: Attacking the Clones
Author Notes

Author Details
"Derek Breen"

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