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Drilling Engineering Workbook A Distributed Learning Course

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At Baker Hughes INTEQ, we pride ourselves on our people and their level of professionalism, experience, responsiveness and adaptability at the wellsite, where time, money and effective operations depends on rapid, reliable information management. The INTEQ Field Advancement and Career Training System (IN-FACTS), is a system for training, developing and providing professional advancement for field operations personnel. It is the method behind these applications.

The IN-FACTS program provides a standardized career development path which utilizes a progression of both formal and hands-on learning, to turn potential into fully developed expertise. IN-FACTS is the tool that enables Baker Hughes INTEQ personnel to embark on, and develop successful careers within INTEQ, Baker Hughes, and the oil industry.

IN-FACTS is structured to provide an easily understood, orderly flow of learning experiences. These may or may not be in the same specialty, and allow our personnel to concentrate in one area, or to branch out into other disciplines. Movement through the INFACTS career progression is determined by industry experience, skills, and knowledge acquired through rigsite work and a variety of formal and informal training programs.

Chapter 1: Drilling Fluids And Hydraulics
Chapter 2: Casing And Cementing
Chapter 3: Bit Technology
Chapter 4: Drillstring Basics
Chapter 5: Directional Drilling
Chapter 6: Horizontal Wells
Chapter 7: Stuck Pipe
Chapter 8: Well Control
Chapter 9: Cost Analysis
Chapter 10: Technical Writing
Appendix A. End Of Manual Return Exercises
Appendix B. Answers to Self-Help Exercises

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