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Drilling Technology in Nontechnical Language (2nd Edition)

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This chapter will examine geology as it relates to drilling operations. It is necessary to understand something about the physical and chemical characteristics of rocks in order to understand drilling processes and problems. The chapter also describes the basic principles of hydrostatic pressure exerted by a fl uid at depth, as this is important for drilling operations.

This brief chapter will cover some important concepts that should be understood for the chapters that follow.

1. Drilling Geology
2. Oil and Gas Reservoir Formation
3. Drilling a Land Exploration Well
4. Planning and Drilling a Development Well Offshore
5. Rig Selection and Rig Equipment
6. Drill Bits
7. Drilling Fluids
8. Directional and Horizontal Drilling
9. Casing and Cementing
10. Evaluation
11. Well Control
12. Managing Drilling Operations
13. Drilling Problems and Solutions
14. Safety and Environmental Issues
15. Getting Work in the Drilling Industry

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"Steve Devereux"

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