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Principles and Techniques of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (7th Edition)

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In designing the content of this latest edition we continued our previous policy of placing emphasis on the recommendations we have received from colleagues and academics outside our university. Above all, we have attempted to respond to the invaluable feedback from student users of our book both in the UK and abroad. In this seventh edition we have retained all 16 chapters from the previous edition. All have been appropriately updated to reflect recent developments in their fields, as exemplified by the inclusion of a section on stem cells in the cell culture chapter. Three of these chapters have new authors and have been completely rewritten. Robert Burns, Scottish Agricultural Science Agency, Edinburgh has written the chapter on immunochemical techniques, and Andreas Hofmann, Eskitis Institute of Molecular Therapies, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia has written the two chapters on spectroscopic techniques. We are delighted to welcome both authors to our team of contributors.

Preface to the seventh edition page
List of contributors
List of abbreviations
1. Basic principles
2. Cell culture techniques
3. Centrifugation
4. Microscopy
5. Molecular biology, bioinformatics and basic techniques
6. Recombinant DNA and genetic analysis
7. Immunochemical techniques
8. Protein structure, purification, characterisation and function analysis
9. Mass spectrometric techniques
10. Electrophoretic techniques
11. Chromatographic techniques
12. Spectroscopic techniques: I Spectrophotometric techniques
13. Spectroscopic techniques: II Structure and interactions
14. Radioisotope techniques
15. Enzymes
16. Principles of clinical biochemistry
17. Cell membrane receptors and cell signalling
18. Drug discovery and development

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