Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The Biology and Culture of Tilapias

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Tilapias are a major protein source in many of the developing countries. Although endemic to Africa, their distribution has been widened by artificial introductions, mainly since the 19508, to include much of the tropics and subtropics. Tilapias have many attributes that recommend them for culture. They show excellent growth rates on low protein diets, whether cropping natural aquatic production or receiving supplementary food. They tolerate wide ranges of environmental conditions, show little susceptibility to disease and are amenable to handling and captivity. They have a short generation time and breed in captivity. Most important of all, they enjoy wide acceptance as food fish because of their high palatability and history of use from inland fisheries. With all these advantages, tilapias could become prime domesticated species for fish culture.

Session 1: Biology
Session 2: Physiology
Session 3: Culture
Session 4: Culture-Related Topics
General Discussion on the Biology and Culture of Tilapias
Consensus Statement and Reasearch Rewuirements
General Index
Species Index
Water Bodies Index
List of Participants

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