Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Big Data A Primer (Volume- 11)

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Rapid developments in communication and computing technologies have been the driving factors in the spread of the internet technology. This technology is able to scale up and reach out to more and more people. People at opposite sides of the globe are able to remain connected to each other because of the connectivity that the internet is able to provide now. Getting people together through the internet has become more realistic than getting them together physically at one place. This has led to the emergence of cyber society, a form of human society that we are heading for with great speed. As is expected, this has also affected different activities from education to entertainment, culture to commerce, goodness (ethics, spiritual) to governance. The internet has become a platform of all types of human interactions. Services of different domains, designed for different walks of people, are being provided via the internet. Success of these services decisively depends on understanding people and their behaviour over the internet. For example, people may like a particular kind of service due to many desired features the service has. Features could be quality of service like response time, average availability, trust and similar factors. So service providers would like to know of consumer preferences and requirements for designing a service, so as to get maximum returns on investment. On the other side, customers would require enough information to select the best service provider for their needs. Thus, decision-making is key to cyber society. And, informed decisions can only be made on the basis of good information, i.e. information that is both qualitatively and quantitatively sufficient for decisionmaking.

1. Big Data: An Introduction
2. Big Data Architecture
3. Big Data Processing Algorithms
4. Big Data Search and Mining
5. Security and Privacy of Big Data
6. Big Data Service Agreement
7. Applications of Big Data

Author Details
"Hrushikesha Mohanty"

"Prachet Bhuyan"

"Deepak Chenthati"

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