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Beginning Scribus (Free PDF)

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This book was originally intended as an aide memoire for use in the compilation and publication of a parish magazine. Gradually, though, it evolved from a basic list of DOs and DON’Ts into a more project-oriented piece that shows you how Scribus actually works.

This book is the end result. It offers a way into the world of professional desktop publishing for those who cannot afford the more celebrated commercial alternatives. It teaches you what you need to know in order to produce professional-looking printed documents and stunning, interactive digital magazines. It also provides a useful companion to Akkana Peck’s book Beginning Gimp.

It is aimed specifically at the desktop publishing newbie, those who want to learn more about open source desktop publishing, and those who cannot afford the prices of the top-ranking, commercial applications.

But it should also prove a valuable resource for impoverished higher education studentswho cannot afford the student rates for the commercial software being offered for graphic design courses. It will enable them to produce visually appealing, professional-looking documents for their coursework, even if they do not have the money to use Adobe Creative Suite or QuarkXPress.

About the Author
About the Technical Reviewer
Chapter 1: Scribus Basics
Chapter 2: Getting to Know the Workspace
Chapter 3: Text Frames and Font Management
Chapter 4: Working with Graphics
Chapter 5: Working with Colors
Chapter 6: Exporting and Printing Your Documents
Chapter 7: Working with GIMP
Chapter 8: Automating Scribus
Chapter 9: Designing Magazines
Chapter 10: Interactive PDFs

Author Details
"Robert White" is a freelance writer who uses Scribus to edit a local magazine. He spent much of his life working in the library, museum and archive sector, and has worked for such diverse companies as The British Library, The National Archives, and G.E.C. A former spreadsheet developer, he spent a year at Oxford and has a degree in History.

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