Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Designing Distributed Systems (Free PDF)

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At this point, nearly every developer is a developer or consumer (or both) of distributed systems. Even relatively simple mobile applications are backed with cloud APIs so that their data can be present on whatever device the customer happens to be using. Whether you are new to developing distributed systems or an expert with scars on your hands to prove it, the patterns and components described in this book can transform your development of distributed systems from art to science. Reusable components and patterns for distributed systems will enable you to focus on the core details of your application. This book will help any developer become better, faster, and more efficient at building distributed systems.

1. Introduction
Part I. Single-Node Patterns
2. The Sidecar Pattern
3. Ambassadors
4. Adapters
Part II. Serving Patterns
5. Replicated Load-Balanced Services
6. Sharded Services
7. Scatter/Gather
8. Functions and Event-Driven Processing
9. Ownership Election
Part III. Batch Computational Patterns
10. Work Queue Systems
11. Event-Driven Batch Processing
12. Coordinated Batch Processing
13. Conclusion: A New Beginning?

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"Brendan Burns"

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