ELG4125: Power Transmission Lines (Free PDF)

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1. Distribution Lines
2. Distribution Lines and Transformers
3. Transmission Lines
4. Types of Conductors
5. Bundled Conductors in Transmission Lines
6. Insulators
7. Insulator Chain
8. Composite Insulator
9. Line Post for Holding Two Lines
10. Support Structures
11. Transmission Line Model
12. Resistance
13. Inductance
14. Inductance of a Single-Phase 2-Wire Transmission Line
15. Inductance of a Transmission Line
16. Capacitance
17. Capacitance of a Single Phase Two-Wire Transmission Line
18. Example
19. Transmission Line Models
20. Limits Affecting Maximum Power Transfer
21. Safety of Transmission Lines
22. Power Line Hazard: Magnetic Field Calculation

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