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Facebook Application Development For Dummies (Free PDF)

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It’s like a scene out of the movie West Side Story. You’re on either one side or the other. On one side, you have the developers, who like to spend the wee hours of the night coding, Mountain Dew flowing through their veins. They like dark rooms. Vi (an editor for hard-core programmers) is either a curse word or the place that every piece of output that comes from their brains flows from. They don’t sleep much and speak in Big O Notation (a mathematical notation for summarizing computer algorithms). They’re either a Mac or a PC, an Android or an iPhone, and if they ever have to develop the other they do so unwillingly!

On the other side, you have the marketers, who think in terms of clicks and visitors and conversions. Dollar signs are above their heads, and they love it when people know about them and their products. Brand, market, user, demographic, and retention are common words off the tips of their tongues. Advertising, SEO, and affiliate programs are all tools in their arsenal.

For some reason, both sides have always had a difficult time talking with each other — neither wants to be on the other’s turf. Programmers have a difficult time worrying about the business side and often don’t do well in knowing how to increase visitors to a Web site or increase sales or anything that deals with working with people.

Part I: Understanding the Basics of a Facebook Application
Chapter 1: Getting Acquainted with Facebook Application Development
Chapter 2: Building Your First Application
Chapter 3: Delving Deeper — Understanding Your Application and Navigating the Application Setup Process
Part II: Integrating with the Environment
Chapter 4: Targeting Integration Points
Chapter 5: Targeting Brands through Facebook Pages
Part III: From Fishers to Farmers — Building Facebook on Your Own Site
Chapter 6: Turning Your Web Site into a Facebook Page with Open Graph Protocol and Social Plugins
Chapter 7: Integrating Facebook on Your Web Site through Graph API
Chapter 8: Knowing What Information You Have Access To
Part IV: Delving into APIs
Chapter 9: Understanding OAuth 2.0 — The Basics of Facebook Authentication
Chapter 10: Understanding the Essentials — Basic API Calls Every Developer Should Know
Chapter 11: Getting Updated with Facebook’s Real-Time API
Chapter 12: Searching with Facebook’s Search API
Chapter 13: Integrating Facebook into a Mobile Experience
Chapter 14: Testing Your Application
Part V: Turning Your Facebook Application into a Legitimate Business
Chapter 15: Helping Your Business and Brand Benefit from Facebook
Chapter 16: Preparing for the Worst: What Every Facebook Application Developer Should Know
Part VI: The Part of Tens
Chapter 17: Ten Successful Facebook Applications
Chapter 18: Top Ten Facebook Application Development Resources

Author Details
"Jesse Stay" began his career at age 10 as a developer writing BASIC programs in his spare time. He would frequently be found copying programs from the back of 3-2-1 Contact magazines and reading ahead, way ahead, in the books of his computer programming classes in high school. In third grade, Stay won third place in his elementary school computer fair, going against the likes of kids several years older than he was.

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