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Hacking For Dummies (Free PDF)

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Welcome to Hacking For Dummies. This book outlines computer hacker tricks and techniques — in plain English — to assess the security of your own information systems, find security vulnerabilities, and fix the vulnerabilities before malicious and criminal hackers have an opportunity to take advantage of them. This hacking is the professional, aboveboard, and legal type of security testing — which I call ethical hacking throughout the book. Computer and network security is a complex subject and an evermoving target. You must stay on top of it to ensure your information is protected from the bad guys.

You can implement all the security technologies and other best practices possible, and your information systems may be secure — as far as you know. However, until you understand how hackers think and apply that knowledge to assess your systems from a hacker’s-eye view, you can’t get a true sense of how secure your information really is.

Ethical hacking — sometimes referred to as penetration testing or white-hat hacking — is a necessary requirement to ensure that information systems are truly secure on an ongoing basis. This book provides you with the knowledge required to successfully implement an ethical hacking program, along with countermeasures that you can implement to keep malicious hackers out of your business.

Part I: Building the Foundation for Ethical Hacking
Chapter 1: Introduction to Ethical Hacking
Chapter 2: Cracking the Hacker Mindset
Chapter 3: Developing Your Ethical Hacking Plan
Chapter 4: Hacking Methodology
Part II: Putting Ethical Hacking in Motion
Chapter 5: Social Engineering
Chapter 6: Physical Security
Chapter 7: Passwords
Part III: Network Hacking
Chapter 8: War Dialing
Chapter 9: Network Infrastructure
Chapter 10: Wireless LANs
Part IV: Operating System Hacking
Chapter 11: Windows
Chapter 12: Linux
Chapter 13: Novell NetWare
Part V: Application Hacking
Chapter 14: Malware
Chapter 15: Messaging Systems
Chapter 16: Web Applications
Part VI: Ethical Hacking Aftermath
Chapter 17: Reporting Your Results
Chapter 18: Plugging Security Holes
Chapter 19: Managing Security Changes
Part VII: The Part of Tens
Chapter 20: Ten Tips for Getting Upper Management Buy-In
Chapter 21: Ten Deadly Mistakes
Part VIII: Appendixes
Appendix A: Tools and Resources
Appendix B: About the Book Web Site

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"Kevin Beaver"

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