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NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

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Most people would agree that poor working Conditions of any type have the potential to affect a worker's health and safety. It would also be agreed that our aim should be to eliminate or at least minimise the risk of accident or injury; and to protect workers from the effects of ill-Health caused by their working conditions. However, those aims are not that simple to achieve in practice.

Take almost any country in the world any people are still killed either at work or as as a result of work activities; many more have non-fatal injuries at work or suffer form work-related ill-health.

The cost of workplace a accidents or diseases is very high. There is both a direct cost to the employer in lost working time, medical costs, repair or replacement of equipment, etc., and also a much higher indirect cost which affects the injured are sick workers and their families.

Element Title
1. Health and Safety Foundations
2. Setting Policy for Health and Safety
3. Organising for Health and Safety
4. Promoting a Positive Health and Safety Culture
5. Health and Safety Risk Assessment
6. Principles of Control in Health and Safety
7. Movement of People and Vehicles - Hazards and Control
8. Manual and Mechanical Handling Hazards and Control
9. Work Equipment Hazards and Control
10. Electrical Hazards and Control
11. Fire Hazards and Control
12. Chemical and Biological Health hazards and Control
13. Physical and Psychological Health Hazards and Control
14. Construction Activities - hazards and Control
15. Investigation, Recording and reporting of Health and Safety Incidents
16. Monitoring, Review and Audit of health and Safety Performance
Examination and Assessment preparation

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