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Boiler Operator's Guide (4th Edition)

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Heating, industrial process, institutional, and utility boiler plant operation continues to be affected by developments in electronic instrumentation and controls, which in turn produce more automatic operation. Regulatory requirements for controlling emissions and discharges are also affecting modern operations. This edition will emphasize some of these modern developments.

The fourth edition will continue to stress fundamental basic operating principles, as well as treating current regulatory requirements on emissions, construction and installation, maintenance and repair, safety controls and devices, and the application of the latest edition of the ASME Codes.

Preface to the Fourth Edition
Abbreviations and Symbols
Chapter 1. Boiler Systems, Classifications and Fundamental Operating Practices.
Chapter 2. Firetube Biolers.
Chapter 3. Waterlube boilers.
Chapter 4. Electric and Special application boilers.
Chapter 5. Nuclear Power Plant Steam Generators.
Chapter 6. Material Structure, Required Code Material, and Specifications.
Chapter 7. Fabrication by Welding and NDT.
Chapter 8. Material Testing, Stresses, and Service Effects.
Chapter 9. Code Strength, Stress, and Allowable Pressure Calculations.
Chapter 10. Boiler Connections, Appurtenances, and Controls.
Chapter 11. Combustion, Burners, Controls, and Flame Safeguard Systems.
Chapter 12. Boiler Auxiliaries and External Water Treatment Equipment.
Chapter 13. Boiler Water Problems and Treatment.
Chapter 14. In-Service Problems, Inspections, Maintenance, and Repairs.
Chapter 15. Boiler Plant Training, Performance and Efficiency Monitoring.
Appendix 1. Terminology and Definitions
Appendix 2. Water Treatment Tables
Appendix. 3. Observing Boiler Safety Rules

Author Details
Anthony Kohan is a consultant with more than 30 years of experience as a technician, tester, and inspector of boiler pressure vessels and machinery. He was formerly the manager of the boiler and machinery technical specialty at the Royal Insurance Co. Mr. Kohan is the author or co-author of Standard Boiler Room Questions and Answers, Standard Heating and Power Boiler Plant Questions and Answers, Pressure Vessel Systems, and Plant Services and Operations Handbook, all published by McGraw-Hill.

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