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Centrifugal Pumps for Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas Industries (11th Edition)

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It is necessary that users of this International Standard be aware that further or differing requirements can be needed for individual applications. This International Standard is not intended to inhibit a vendor from offering, or the purchaser from accepting, alternative equipment or engineering solutions for the individual application. This can be particularly appropriate where there is innovative or developing technology. Where an alternative is offered, it is necessary that the vendor identify any variations from this International Standard and provide details.

A bullet ( ) at the beginning of a clause or subclause indicates that either a decision is required or the purchaser is required to provide further information. It is necessary that this information should be indicated on data sheets or stated in the enquiry or purchase order (see examples in Annex N).

API Foreword
1. Scope
2. Normative references
3. Terms and definitions
4. General
5. Requirements
6. Basic design
7. Accessories
8. Inspection, testing, and preparation for shipment
9. Specific pump types
10. Vendor's data
Annex A. (informative) Specific speed and suction-specific speed
Annex B. (normative) Cooling water and lubrication system schematics
Annex C. (normative) Hydraulic power recovery turbines
Annex D. (normative) Standard baseplates
Annex E. (informative) Inspector's checklist
Annex F. (normative) Criteria for piping design
Annex G. (informative) Materials class selection guidance
Annex H. (normative) Materials and material specifications for pump parts
Annex I. (normative) Lateral analysis
Annex J. (normative) Determination of residual unbalance
Annex K. (informative) Shaft stiffness and bearing system life
Annex L. (informative) Vendor drawing and data requirements
Annex M. (informative) Test data summary
Annex N. (informative) Pump datasheets and electronic data exchange
Annex O. (informative) API Regional Annex

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