Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Design Criteria VS. Line pipe Requirements for Offshore Pipelines

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The offshore pipeline industry is planning new gas trunklines at water depth ever reached before (up to 3500 m). In such conditions, external hydrostatic pressure becomes the dominating loading condition for the pipeline design. Pipe geometric imperfections as the cross section ovality, combined load effects as axial and bending loads superimposed to the external pressure, material properties as compressive yield strength in the circumferential direction and across the wall thickness etc., significantly interfere in the definition of the demanding, in such projects, minimum wall thickness requirements

The scope of this paper is to introduce fabrication and material issues, as well as geometric tolerance, in relation to ultra deep water pipeline design.

1. Design Criteria
2. Pipe Structural Integrity VS. Pipe Cross Section Ovality
3. Pipeline Mechanical Characteristics VS. Production technology
4. Additional Topics
5. Conclusions

Author Details
"Enrico Torselletti"

"Luigino Vitali"

"Roberto Bruschi"

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