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Electrical Machines With Matlab (2nd Edition)

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In this edition, the whole book has been reexamined thoroughly to ensure that it is clean of any errors. For example, all the examples and end-of-chapter problems have been recalculated by hand as well as by using MATLAB program to ensure that it is free of any possible errors.

In addition, new modern topics have been introduced in the additional five chapters to keep the  reader up-to-date with new developments in the area of electrical machine applications and electric power systems.

Preface to the First Edition
Preface to the Second Edition
Chapter 1: Basic Concepts
Chapter 2: Three-Phase Circuits
Chapter 3: Magnetic Circuits
Chapter 4: Transformers
Chapter 5: Electromechanical Energy Conversion Principles
Chapter 6: Induction Machines
Chapter 7: Synchronous Machines
Chapter 8: Direct-Current Machines
Chapter 9: Single-Phase and Special-Purpose Motors
Chapter 10: Transients and Dynamics of Electric Machines
Chapter 11: Renewable Energy
Chapter 12: Wind Energy and Wind Energy Conversion System (WECS)
Chapter 13: Solar Energy Systems
Chapter 14: Energy Storage Systems
Chapter 15: The Smart Grid
Appendix A: Brief Review of Phasors
Appendix B: Per-Unit System
Appendix C: Salient-Pole Synchronous Machines
Appendix D: Unit Conversions from the English System to SI System
Appendix E: Unit Conversions from the SI System to English System
Appendix F: Stator Windings
Appendix G: Glossary for Electrical Machines Terminology
Answers to Selected Problems

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