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Handbook of Turbomachinery: Revised and Expanded (2nd Edition)

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The original intent of this book—to serve as a reference work in turbomachinery for practicing engineers and graduate students—remains unchanged in this new edition.

In this edition the Introduction has been expanded to include new material on the mechanical and thermal design considerations for gas turbine engines. Four new chapters, written by experts in their respective subjects, have been added. The chapter on steam turbines has been completely rewritten and represents a major improvement to the book. New material has also been added to the chapter on turbomachines in rocket propulsion systems.

The original editor, Earl Logan, Jr., was joined by Ramendra Roy in the editing of this new edition. Both editors would like to express their sincere appreciation to Ms. Elizabeth Curione, the production editor at Marcel Dekker, Inc., for her help in the preparation of the manuscript.

Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition
1. Introduction
2. Fluid Dynamics of Turbomachines
3. Turbine Gas-Path Heat Transfer
4. Selection of a Gas Turbine Cooling System
5. Unsteady Flow and Aeroelasticity
6. Fundamentals of Compressor Design
7. Fundamentals of Turbine Design
8. Steam Turbines
9. Multidisciplinary Design Optimization for Turbomachinery
10. Rotordynamic Considerations
11. Turbomachines in Rocket Propulsion Systems
12. Turbomachinery Performance Testing
14. Tesla Turbomachinery
15. Hydraulic Turbines

Author Details
"Earl Logan, Jr."

"Ramendra Roy"

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