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Lamb's Questions and Answers on the Marine Diesel Engine (8th Edition)

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Lamb's Questions and Answers on the Marine Diesel Engine is a comprehensive reference book for Marine Engineers and all seekeing a working knowledge of the marine diesel engine. This fully revised eighth edition has been completely rewritten. New coverage includes super-longstroke and slow-speed engines, and a new generation of medium-speed engines burning lower quality fuels. New purifier systems for fuel treatment, and the testing of fuel and lubrication oils on board ship are also discussed.

Key Features
* Over 100 new illustrations, most were specifically drawn for this new edition
* Latest engine technology and design fully described
* New fuel systems fully explained

1. Heat and Engineering Science
2. Internal Combustion Engines
3. Fuels, Lubricants - Treatment and Storage
4. Combustion and Fuel-Injection Systems
5. Scavenge, Exhaust, Pressure-Charging Systems
6. Construction Materials, Welding, Materials Testing
7. Bedplates, Frames, Guides, Scavenge Trunks, Cylinder Jackets
8. Cylinder Liners, Cylinder Heads, Valves
9. Pistons, Piston Rods, Piston Skirs, Piston Rings
10. Crankshafts, Camshafts, Connecting-Rods, Crossheads, Slippers
11. Starting and Reversing
12. Reduction Gearing, Clutches, Couplings
13. Line Shafting, Screw Shafts, Propellers, Thrust Bearings
14. Engine and Shafting Alignment
15. Heat Exchangers, Cooling Systems, Lubricating Systems
16. Air Compressors, Air Storage Tanks
17. Balancing and Vibration
18. Instrumentation and Controls
19. Safety

Author Details
"Stanley G. Christensen" is the author of the eighth edition of Lamb's Questions and Answers on the Marine Diesel Engine. He was a silver medalist from Institute of Marine Engineers. He was the member of Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers and the associate professor of US Merchant Marine Academy, New York.

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