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Introduction to Internal Combustion Engines (2nd Edition)

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This book aims to provide for students and engineers the background that is pre-supposed in many articles. papers and advanced texts. Since the book is primarily aimed at students. it has sometimes been necessary to give only outline or simplified explanations. However. numerous references have been made 10 sources of further information.

Internal combustion engines form part of most thermodynamics courses at Polytechnics and Universities. This book should be useful to students who are following specialist options in internal combustion engines. and also to students at earlier stages in their courses - especially with regard to laboratory work.

Practising engineers should also find the book useful when they need an overview of the subject. or when they are working on particular aspects of internal combustion engines that are new to them.

The subject of internal combustion engines draws on many areas of engineering: thermodynamics and combustion, fluid mechanics and heat transfer t mechanics, stress analysis. materials science, electronics and computing. However. internal combustion engines are not just subject to thermodynamic or engineering considerations -the commercial (marketing. sales etc.) and economic aspects are also important. and these arc discussed as they arise.

preface to the Second Edition
1. Introduction
2. Thermodynamics Principles
3. Combustion and Fuel
4. Spark Ignition Engines
5. Compression Ignition Engines
6. Induction and Exhaust Processes
7. Two-Stroke Engines
8. In-Cylinder Motion
9. Turbocharging
10. engine Modelling
11. Mechanical Design Considerations
12. Heat transfer in Internal Combustion Engines
13. Experimental Facilities
14. Cast Studies
Appendix A. The Use of SI Units
Appendix B. Answers to Numerical Problems

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"Richard Stone"

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