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Pipe Line Corrosion Cathodic Protection (3rd Edition)

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A pipe line buried in the earth represents a challenge. It is made of steel—a strong, but chemically unstable, material—and is placed in an environment which is nonuniform, nonprotective, and nonyielding. It is the duty of the corrosion engineer to study the properties of this system to ensure that the pipe line will not deteriorate.

In 1955, when I was first working on cathodic protection for pipe lines in Saudi Arabia, the first edition of this book by Marshall Parker was just a year old. Fortunately, the company library contained Mr. Parker's book. I found its simplicity and directness preferable in approaching a complex subject.

During the 30 years since its publication, generations of pipe line engineers and technicians have used this book as their first exposure to corrosion control. Many books on the subject have been published since 1954, but the Parker book is still the best introduction to the fundamentals. New technology has been developed, yet the principles of cathodic protection are still the same. The result is that we have more sophisticated instruments to use, but the measurements have not changed. Consequently, I have retained the still-valid material of the original Marshall text and made changes only when better and shorter methods are available.

Preface to Third Edition
Preface to First Edition
1. Soil Resistivity Surveys
2. Potential Surveys
3. Line Currents
4. Current Requirement Surveys
5. Rectifier Systems for Coated Lines
6. Ground Bed Design and Installation
7. Galvanic Anodes on Coated Lines
8. Hot Spot Protection
9. Stray-Current Electrolysis
10. Interference in Cathodic Protection
11. Operation and Maintenance
12. Coating Inspection and Testing
Appendix A. Fundamentals of Corrosion
Appendix B. Cathodic Protection of Steel in Soil
Appendix C. Corrosion of Steel in Soil
Appendix D. Attenuation Equations

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"Marshall E. Parker"

"Edward G. Peattie"

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