Thursday, June 20, 2019

Practical Physics (Free PDF)

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The book is an outcome of the experience of the authors, which they have acquired in guiding the under-graduate and post-graduate students. The book is written in a simple and systematic form to enable the students to follow and perform the experiments on their own. Procedure for conducting each experiment is given in detail. Important precautions for performing the experiments have been listed. Viva-voce given at the end of each chapter sets on the thinking process in the mind of the reader.

1. Introductory Concepts
2. Instruments and Accessories
3. Elasticity
4. Acceleration Due to Gravity
5. Surface Tension
6. Viscosity
7. Sound
8. The Mechanical Equivalent of Heat
9. Thermoelectric Effect
10. Refraction and Dispersion of Light
11. Interference of Light
12. Diffraction of Light
13. Polarisation of Light
14. Resolving Power
15. Sextant
16. Tables of Physical Constants

Author Details
"R.K. Shukla"

"Anchal Srivastava"

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