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Repair and Maintenance Welding Handbook (2nd Edition)

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Every day, welders throughout the world encounter the initials OK on the consumables they use. OK for Oscar Kjellberg, the founder of Esab AB. Oscar Kjellberg first invented a new welding technique and followed it up with the covered electrode. These inventions are the origins of Esab.

Oscar Kjellberg qualified as an engineer and worked for several years on a couple of Swedish steamships. It was during this period at the end of the 1890s that he came across the problem for which there was no effective solution at that time. The riveted joints on steam boilers often leaked. Attempts were made to repair the leaking joints with nails which were forged to produce small wedges which were then pushed into the joints. Simple electrical welding was already in use, but Oscar Kjellberg had seen electrical welding repairs and the results were poor, as there were still cracks and pores.

Gouging – Cutting – Piercing
Preheating and interpass temperatures
Controlling weld metal dilution
The use of buffer layers and build-up layers
1. Welding
2. Hard-facing
3. Illustrated applications
4. Consumables – product data for
5. Recommended preheating temperatures Table 7
6. Comparative hardness scales Table 8
7. Base metal identification guide Table 9
Application index – alphabetical order
Product – index

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