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Thinking in Java (Free PDF)

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You can’t just look at Java as a collection of features; some of the features make no sense in isolation. You can only use the sum of the parts if you are thinking about design, not simply coding. And tounderstand Java in this way, you must understand the problems with Java and with programming in general. This book discusses programming problems, why they are problems, and the approach Java has taken to solve such problems. Thus, the set of features I explain in each chapter will be based on the way I see a particular type of problem being solved with the language. In this way I hope to move you, a little at a time, to the point where the Java mindset becomes your native tongue.

Throughout, I’ll be taking the attitude that you want to build a model in your head that allows you todevelop a deep understanding of the language; if you encounter a puzzle you’ll be able to feed it toyour model and deduce the answer.

1. introduction to objects
2. everything is an object
3. controlling program flow
4. initialization & cleanup
5. hiding the implementation
6. reusing classes
7. polymorphism
8 holding your objects
9. error handling with exceptions
10. the Java IO system
11. run-time type identification
12. passing and returning objects
13. creating windows and applets
14. multiple threads
15. network programming
16. design patterns
17. projects
A. using non-Java code
B. comparing C++ and Java
C. Java programming guidelines
D. a bit about garbage collection
E. recommended reading

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"Bruce Eckel"

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