Saturday, July 27, 2019

Developing Conversational Interfaces for iOS: Add Responsive Voice Control to Your Apps

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User interfaces in mobile apps are continuing to evolve by recognizing the most natural way for users to express their wishes: their voice.

Conversational interfaces are starting to get a lot of attention, mostly because of the latest advancements in natural language understanding and machine learning.

All the big players provide tools and voice assistants in this area. Apple has Siri and the Speech framework, Google has Google Assistant and Dialogflow, Amazon has Alexa and Lex, and Microsoft has Cortana and LUIS. This topic is exciting and will be even more so in the future.

Currently, there’s no book on the market that incorporates all aspects of conversational interfaces on iOS, starting from voice transcription, natural language processing, intent detection, and entities extraction and going all the way to text-to-speech commands.

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Chapter 1: Conversational Interfaces
Chapter 2: Booking a Ride with SiriKit
Chapter 3: Creating Lists with SiriKit
Chapter 4: Speech, Synthesizers, and Dialogflow
Chapter 5: Getting Started with
Chapter 6: Natural Language Processing on iOS
Chapter 7: Sentiment Analysis with Core ML
Chapter 8: Conversational Interface Challenges

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"Martin Mitrevski"

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