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Fire Risk: Fire safety law and its practical application

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This book has been written primarily to assist all of those within places of work and other premises who are caught by the definition ‘responsible person’ within the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which came into force on 1st October 2006. It will also be of use to anyone who has any responsibility in connection with carrying out risk assessments and fire safety audits such as fire officers, building control officers, environmental health inspectors, police and forensic officers. Finally, it could be of interest to those studying such subjects as fire and safety law.

The Fire Safety (FS) Order 2005 is the most sweeping change to UK fire safety legislation for over 30 years. It brings some hundred plus pieces of fire safety law under one umbrella and places the unconditional responsibility for the safety of premises’ occupants upon those who are caught within the embrace of responsible person.

Although the local fire service (fire authority) is responsible for enforcement, it is for the responsible person(s) to ensure that they self-comply with all the duties which this new Order places upon their shoulders. The fire authority can give advice, but cannot carry out the work for those holding this unconditional legal duty.

The concept of placing full responsibility for fire safety on those who create it is not new. Since 1974, the Health and Safety at Work Act has followed this route, as did the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997. However, the fact that the concept is not novel, and the fact that guidance documents from both Central Government and the Health and Safety Executive exist, do not in themselves provide the sort of specialised knowledge which can only properly be provided by practical experience.

Part 1: Basic principles
How to make the best use of this book
Chapter 1: The reasons for adequate fire safety measures in non-domestic premises
Chapter 2: A potted history of significant life-loss fires in the UK
Chapter 3: The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, SI 1541
Chapter 4: Fire Risk Assessment
Chapter 5: General fire precautions and fire safety provisions
Part 2: Additional information
Chapter 6: AFD/AFA systems
Chapter 7: Firefighting measures
Chapter 8: Means of escape
Chapter 9: Fire separation and compartmentation
Chapter 10: Staff training and instruction
Chapter 11: Enforcement of the Fire Safety Order 2005
Chapter 12: Liaison with the fire and rescue service
Chapter 13: Fire safety law enforcement – a fire and rescue service perspective
Glossary and references

Author Details
"Allan M. Grice"
BA (Hons) MIFireE

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