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Fire Training Manual: Fire Equipment & Fire Fighting Techniques

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This Training Manual is suitable for use on board various types of vessel. It fully complies with IMO Resolution MSC.99(73) - adopted on 5 December 2000 and coming into force on 1 July 2002 - which by amendment to Chapter II Regulation 15 specifically requires that all SOLAS vessels carry such a Manual

The purpose of the Manual is to provide all members of the crew with instructions and information about general fire safety practice and precautions; general instructions on fire fighting procedures; the meaning of the ship's alarms; the operation and use of fire-fighting systems and equipment; the operation and use of fire-doors and dampers and information concerning escape systems and appliances provided in the vessel. It should be read in conjunction with the ship owner's and captain's Standing Orders, and interpreted as applicable for individual vessels. This may be particularly important when applying the fire fighting principles to vessels with aluminium construction or other special design features and to vessels with limited crews.

Where reference is made to statutory and SOLAS requirements only the broad, general requirement has been stated. The detail relating to an individual vessel may vary depending on the flag authority and the age and type of vessel.

We have included details concerning halon as this fire extinguishing medium is still to be found on many vessels. Mention is made of some halon substitutes, although at the time of preparation it is not clear which substitutes will be eventually be fully accepted by both the administrations and operators.

A. Fire
B. Portable Fire Extinguishing Equipment
C. Fixed Systems
D. Structural Fire Protection
E. Organisation and Techniques
F. Fire Safety Operations
G. Ship Specific Details

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