Thursday, July 18, 2019

Introduction to Particle Physics (Free PDF)

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Elementary particle physics is the study of the universe at its smallest and most fundamental level. In this course, I will attempt to give you an overview of modern particle physics, including what the fundamental particles are, how they are combined to make other particles, and how we perform probability calculations in particle physics. There will be aparticular emphasis on Feynman diagrams as a calculational technique.

Useful Formulas and Identities
Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Relativity and Quantum Mechanics
III. The Dirac Equation
IV. A Relativistic Hamiltonian
V. Feynman Diagrams
VI. Fermions
VII. Quantum Electrodynamics
VIII. The Strong Force
IX. Quarks and Quantum Chromodynamics
X. Weak Interactions
XI. The Standard Model
XII. Beyond the Standard Model
Feynman Rules for the Standard Model

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"Eric D. Carlson"

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