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LinkedIn For Dummies, (4th Edition)

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This book covers all aspects of using the LinkedIn site: from signing up and building your profile, to growing your network of contacts, to taking advantage of some of the sophisticated options, and everything in between. I include a lot of advice and discussion of networking concepts, but you also find a lot of step-by-step instructions to get things done. In this fourth edition, I revisit some of the newer facets of LinkedIn, including its Groups, mobile apps, Pulse, and Companies sections, and have updated all the core processes, from creating your profile to looking for a job.

This book is organized as a guide; you can read each chapter one after the other, or you can go straight to the chapter on the topic you’re interested in. After you start using LinkedIn, think of this book as a reference where you can find the knowledge nugget you need to know and then be on your merry way. Lots of details are cross-referenced, so if you need to look elsewhere in the book for more information, you can easily find it.

Part 1: LinkedIn Basics
CHAPTER 1: Looking into LinkedIn
CHAPTER 2: Sign Up and Create Your Profile
CHAPTER 3: Completing Your Profile
Part 2: Finding Others and Getting Connected
CHAPTER 4: Searching LinkedIn
CHAPTER 5: Managing Introductions and InMail
CHAPTER 6: Growing Your Network
CHAPTER 7: Connecting with and Endorsing Your Network
Part 3: Growing and Managing Your Network
CHAPTER 8: Staying in the Know with LinkedIn Pulse
CHAPTER 9: Exploring the Power of Recommendations
CHAPTER 10: Monitoring Your LinkedIn Activities Through Your Home Page
CHAPTER 11: Using LinkedIn with Your Internet Activity
CHAPTER 12: Accessing LinkedIn with Your Mobile Devices
Part 4: Finding Employees, Jobs, and Companies
CHAPTER 13: Finding Employees
CHAPTER 14: Finding a Job
CHAPTER 15: Following Companies on LinkedIn
Part 5: Using LinkedIn for Everyday Business
CHAPTER 16: Getting Connected with LinkedIn Groups
CHAPTER 17: Using Sales and Marketing Techniques for Yourself and Your Business
CHAPTER 18: Using LinkedIn Ads
CHAPTER 19: Miscellaneous Creative Uses of LinkedIn
Part 6: The Part of Tens
CHAPTER 20: Ten LinkedIn Do’s and Don’ts
CHAPTER 21: Ten LinkedIn Resources

Author Details
"Joel Elad", MBA

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