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SEO For Dummies (6th Edition)

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Welcome to SEO For Dummies, 6th Edition. What on earth would you want this book for? After all, can’t you just build a Web site and let your Web designer get the site into the search engines? Can’t you simply pay someone $25 to register the site with thousands of search engines? I’m sure you’ve seen advertising stating, “We guarantee top-ten placement in a gazillion search engines!” and “We’ll register you in 5,000 search engines today!”

Well, unfortunately, it’s not that simple. (Okay, fortunately for me, because if it were simple, Wiley wouldn’t pay me to write this book.) The fact is that search engine optimization is a little complicated. Not brain surgery complicated, but not as easy as “Give us 50 bucks, and we’ll handle it for you.”

The vast majority of Web sites don’t have a chance in the search engines. Why? Because of simple mistakes. Because the people creating the sites don’t have a clue what they should do to make the site easy for search engines to work with. Because they don’t understand the role of links pointing to their site, and because they’ve never thought about keywords. Because, because, because. This book helps you deal with those becauses and gets you not just one, but dozens, of steps ahead of the average Web-site Joe.

Part I: Getting Started with SEO
Chapter 1: Surveying the Search Engine Landscape
Chapter 2: Search Results, Deconstructed
Chapter 3: Your One-Hour, Search Engine–Friendly Web Site Makeover
Chapter 4: Beating the Competition — Planning a Powerful Search Engine Strategy
Chapter 5: Making Your Site Useful and Visible
Part II: Building Search Engine‐Friendly Sites
Chapter 6: Picking Powerful Keywords
Chapter 7: Creating Pages That Search Engines Love
Chapter 8: Using Structured Data Markup
Chapter 9: Avoiding Things That Search Engines Hate
Chapter 10: Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap
Chapter 11: Bulking Up Your Site — Competing with Content
Chapter 12: Finding Traffic Through Local-Search Marketing
Part III: Adding Your Site to the Indexes and Directories
Chapter 13: Getting Your Pages into the Search Engines
Chapter 14: Submitting to the Directories
Chapter 15: Product Search: Remember the Shopping Directories and Retailers
Part IV: After You’ve Submitted Your Site
Chapter 16: Using Link Popularity to Boost Your Position
Chapter 17: Finding Sites to Link to Yours
Chapter 18: Even More Great Places to Get Links
Chapter 19: Social Networking — Driven by Drivel
Chapter 20: Video: Putting Your Best Face Forward
Chapter 21: When Google Bites Back: A Guide to Catastrophe
Part V: The Part of Tens
Chapter 22: Ten-Plus Myths and Mistakes
Chapter 23: Ten-Plus Ways to Stay Updated
Chapter 24: Ten-Plus Useful Things to Know

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