Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Travels in a Tin Can (Free PDF)

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1. New York, New York
2. Harvey the R. V.
3. A bit 'Blair Witch' and too many hicks
4. Wherever I lay my hat…
5. Frisco
6. Rain or shine...or fog, snow, cold
7. Big and beautiful
8. Harvey, the knowledge
9. Death in the valley, life in the desert
10. Food part one: is that really what we ordered?
11. Big hole in the ground
12. Planes, trains and buses
13. A Mickey Mouse Christmas
14. Road trip
15. Don’t spare the (crazy) horses
16. Setting up Camp
17. Ragin' Cajuns
18. Are you being served?
19. The 'spirit' of New Orleans
20. Are you sitting comfortably?
21. Sunshine state
22. They're like living sofas!
23. Walk on the wild side
24. Keys-ee Living
25. Homeward bound

Author Details
"David Thomas"

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