Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Android Development Tools for Eclipse (Free PDF)

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Android Development Tools for Eclipse will show you how to use ADT (Android Development Tools) for Eclipse to quickly set up Android projects, create application UI, debug and export a signed (or unsigned) .apk package for distribution using a hands-on practical approach. The book starts with the installation of ADT, discusses important tools and guides you through Android application development from scratch, demonstrating different concepts and implementation, and finally helps you distribute it.

Chapter 1: Installing Eclipse, ADT, and SDK
Chapter 2: Important Features of the IDE
Chapter 3: Creating a New Android Project
Chapter 4: Incorporating Multimedia Elements
Chapter 5: Adding RadioButton, CheckBox, Menu, and Preferences
Chapter 6: Handling Multiple Screen Types
Chapter 7: Adding an External Library
Chapter 8: Signing and Distributing APK

Author Details
Sanjay Shah has worked on diverse areas of application development across the mobile and web platform with more than 8 years of experience. He is currently working as a Software Architect and works in the area of Cloud Based Big Data Analytics combined with Distributed Cognition leveraging various Java-based technologies.

"Khirulnizam Abd Rahman" is a Computer Science lecturer in the faculty of Information Science and Technology, Selangor International Islamic College, Malaysia. He has been teaching programming since the year 2000.

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