Monday, August 26, 2019

Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE)

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This book is not a technical design guide, administration manual, or user guide for Cisco UCCE. Although the first few chapters give an overview of various deployments, architectures, and the product history, the goal of this manual is that it should be used by field engineers on customer sites. Technical specifications, designs, and installation instructions can be found in great amounts at Many of these documents are referenced in this manual, which you should download. This manual has been written to provide you with an engineer’s view of how and why to do UCCE things. Plenty of examples are given for configuration and tools that work in the real world. Real-world deployments rarely use the latest versions of software. With this in mind, I have included engineering notes from many different versions of UCCE in case you are maintaining or troubleshooting an old deployment.

Chapter 1: Contact Center Overview
Chapter 2: Platform Architecture
Chapter 3: Deployment Models
Chapter 4: UC Operating Systems
Chapter 5: UCCE Road Map
Chapter 6: UCCE Platform Deployment
Chapter 7: UCCE Application Configuration
Chapter 8: Call Routing
Chapter 9: Call Flow Scripting
Chapter 10: Reporting
Chapter 11: Nodes and Processes
Chapter 12: Unified CM and IVR
Chapter 13: Data-Driven Routing
Chapter 14: UCCE Databases
Chapter 15: Management and Administration
Chapter 16: Troubleshooting

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"Gary Ford"

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