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Social Security For Dummies, (3rd Edition)

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Social Security For Dummies walks you through the basics of this critical program: what Social Security is, how you qualify, when to file, how much you’ll get, how much goes to your dependents, and how to contact the Social Security Administration (SSA) to get the information you need. And it does all this in easy-tounderstand plain English.

Above all, this book is a reference, which means that you don’t have to read it from beginning to end, nor do you have to read every word, every chapter, or every part. Keep this book on your desk or kitchen counter and pull it out when you need an answer to a specific question. Feel free to skip anything marked with the Technical Stuff icon and anything in a shaded box (called a sidebar); that information is interesting but not essential to understanding Social Security.

This edition makes use of the latest statistics available at the time of writing in 2017 and includes updated information on claiming strategies for married couples, as well as Social Security policy on same-sex marriages and details on personal “my Social Security” accounts.

Within this book, you may note that some web addresses break across two lines of text. If you’re reading this book in print and want to visit one of these web pages, simply key in the web address exactly as it’s noted in the text, pretending as though the line break doesn’t exist. If you’re reading this as an e-book, you’ve got it easy — just click the web address to be taken directly to the web page.

Part 1: Getting Started with Social Security
CHAPTER 1: What Social Security Is and Why You Need It
CHAPTER 2: A Breakdown of Benefits
CHAPTER 3: Deciding When to Start Collecting Retirement Benefits
CHAPTER 4: Protecting Your Number and Securing Your Card
Part 2: Taking the Plunge: Filing for Social Security
CHAPTER 5: Signing Up for Benefits
CHAPTER 6: Determining How Much You’ve Earned
CHAPTER 7: Navigating the System
CHAPTER 8: When You and Social Security Disagree: The Appeals Process
Part 3: Who Benefits and When
CHAPTER 9: Spousal Benefits: Watching Out for Each Other
CHAPTER 10: Family Benefits: Who Gets What
CHAPTER 11: When You Can’t Work: Social Security Disability Benefits
Part 4: Social Security and Your Future
CHAPTER 12: Enrolling in Medicare
CHAPTER 13: Working in “Retirement”
CHAPTER 14: Shaping a Financial Future You Can Live With
Part 5: The Part of Tens
CHAPTER 15: Ten Myths about Social Security
CHAPTER 16: Ten Reasons Young People Should Care about Social Security 
CHAPTER 17: Ten Choices Facing the Country about the Future of Social Security
Part 6: Appendixes
APPENDIX A: Glossary
APPENDIX B: Resources
APPENDIX C: Strengthening Social Security

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"Jonathan Peterson"

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