Saturday, September 21, 2019

Instant QlikView 11 Application Development (Free PDF)

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This book will teach the reader how to develop business intelligence applications with QlikView 11. QlikView 11 delivers enterprise-class analytics and search with the ease of use of office productivity software. The book is aimed at anyone who is interested in learning QlikView development and analysis.

* Instant QlikView 11 Application Development
1. Downloading, installing, and analyzing with QlikView (Simple)
2. Analyzing retirement locations (Intermediate)
3. Using QlikView practically (Intermediate)
4. Sharing the wealth (of information) – scaling up (Intermediate)

Author Details
"B. Diane Blackwood" has worked as a consultant implementing business intelligence and corporate performance management solutions since 2005. She has extensive experience in multiple industries (micro electronics to heavy equipment manufacturing, medical, legal, and various retail industries) implementing BI and CPM solutions.

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