Monday, September 2, 2019

Pipe Angle Calculation Worksheet (Download For Free)

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Design Of Pipe Angle Calculation Spreadsheet

Instruction Steps:
1. Input pipe diameters and design angle between pipes in designated fields.
2. Check design pipe angle against results in Table A. Use catch basin with  lower results.
3. If pipes enter catch basin at different elevations input the invert elevation  for each pipe in the designated field and check design pipe angle against  results in Table B. Use catch basin with lower results. 

1. Minimum distance between knockouts (d), is either 8" or 12"  depending on catch basin diameter.
2. Minimum grout spacing (g), is 11/2".
3. General rule of thumb for estimating concrete pipe wall thickness  is ID (in ft.) + 1" = thickness (in inches).
4. Typical depth of corrugation for CMP is 1".
5. Wall thickness (t), of catch basins varies between 4" and 8"  depending on catch basin diameter.
6. The check in Table A assumes that pipes enter the catch basin  radially and at similar elevations.
6. The check in Table B is an approximation based on a flat surface  (see Pipe Detail for how angle is determined).
Formulas Used 

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