Thursday, October 3, 2019

Designing for the Internet of Things (Free PDF)

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Learning the latest methodologies, tools, and techniques is critical for IoT design, whether you’re involved in environmental monitoring, building automation, industrial equipment, remote health monitoring devices, or an array of other IoT applications. The O’Reilly Design Library provides experienced designers with the knowledge and guidance you need to build your skillset and stay current with the latest trends.

This free ebook gets you started. With a collection of chapters from the library’s published and forthcoming books, you’ll learn about the scope and challenges that await you in the burgeoning IoT world, as well as the methods and mindset you need to adopt. The ebook includes excerpts from the following books.

Chapter 1: Designing for Emerging Technologies
Chapter 2: Intelligent Materials: Designing Material Behavior
Chapter 3: Taking Control of Gesture Interaction
Chapter 4: Fashion with Function: Designing for Wearables
Chapter 5: Learning and Thinking with Things
Chapter 6: Designing for Collaborative Robotics
Chapter 7: Design Takes on New Dimensions: Evolving Visualization Approaches for Neuroscience and Cosmology
Chapter 8: Embeddables: The Next Evolution of Wearable Tech
Chapter 9: Prototyping Interactive Objects
Chapter 10: Emerging Technology and Toy Design
Chapter 11: Musical Instrument Design
Chapter 12: Design for Life
Chapter 13: Architecture as Interface: Advocating a Hybrid Design Approach for Interconnected Environments
Chapter 14: Design for the Networked World: A Practice for the Twenty-First Century
Chapter 15: New Responsibilities of the Design Discipline: A Critical Counterweight to the Coming Technologies?.
Chapter 16: Designing Human-Robot Relationships
Chapter 17: Tales from the Crick: Experiences and Services When Design Fiction Meets Synthetic Biology
Chapter 18: Beyond 3D Printing: The New Dimensions of Additive Fabrication
Chapter 19: Become an Expert at Becoming an Expert
Chapter 20: The Changing Role of Design
Appendix A: Companies, Products, and Links

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"Jonathan Follett"

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