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Pipeline Installation Excel Calculator

Pipeline Installation refers to the laying of a pipeline to transport natural resources from the place of extraction to where they can be used or even within the place of their extraction. Laying pipeline on the seafloor can be challenging, especially when the water is deep. The most common methods of installing pipelines are S-lay, J-lay and Reel-lay. Other methods that are being used for installing pipelines are tow methods. The tow methods can be used to install pipelines from the shallow water depths to deep water depths.

The methods that are used to install pipelines are as follows:

  • S-lay: S-shaped curve is formed when the pipe curves downward while coming off the lay barge through the water until the pipe reaches the touchdown point. This method is different when compared to other methods because a stringer is used to support the pipe when it leaves the tensioner and the barge to avoid pipe buckling.
  • J-lay: This method is named due to its J-shaped curve formed after the pipe reaches the touchdown point. It is simpler and can be used easily in deep water as compared to the S-lay method.
  • Reel-lay method: This method lowers the pipeline from the reel mounted on the vessel. It is able to install flexible pipes and smaller diameter pipes.
  • Tow methods are used to suspend pipes in water through buoyancy modules. One or two tug boats are used to drop the pipes into place. The tow methods consist of bottom tow, off-bottom tow, mid-depth tow and surface tow.

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